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There are many variables in Hunting, and depending on type of prey, country, terrain and meteorological conditions, the demands on the gear change radically.

For this reason, we have developed a collection of different designs and styles of hunting boots, each of which adapts perfectly to the specific situation and terrain for which it has been designed: the deep, snowy forest; the rocky mountain; the plain, the sunny field, etc.

On the other hand, one factor which never changes, regardless of the design or materials of the boot, is our long tradition to be perfectionists down to the smallest detail and to never stop searching for newer, better solutions in common concepts such as comfort, quality and technical level.

The result is the creation of a really functional and reliable boot, which will allow you to forget about all external factors, always keeping your concentration at the most important moments.

Added to this, all  models incorporating GORE-TEX® technology are durably waterproof and yet have the capacity to expel internal moisture, while some are also very warmly insulated, resulting in the ideal choice also for professional foresters and gamekeepers, as well as for a wide variety of outdoor and leisure use.


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