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The long way to where we are today was not always straight and easy, but from the start we have been faithful to a very clear and simple philosophy, a way of working which it is possibly the most valuable heritage from our fathers and from all these years:
To always make boots with the highest quality and most advanced technology possible.
Combine the know-how and quality of traditional manufacturing with the constant incorporation of the latest advances in tecnology, designs and materials.
To concentrate on what we know best and always to keep on improving, carefully listening to each piece of advice given to us by our users, experts and our own feet.
To be open-minded, flexible and to work in team with our distributors, selling agents, suppliers and experts.
To always keep our feet on the ground (in all senses of the word!) and to keep on making the boots we love to wear ourselves.
This way we have kept on growing step by step, gaining your confidence during more than 80 years, and we surely hope to keep on the same way during at least 80 years more.


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