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Calzados Bestard is a family business in the best sense of the word. From the small workshop that our grandfather founded in 1940, we have grown and evolved to be a well-established and recognized company, both in Spain and internationally. In our origins we started manufacturing custom-made men's footwear and in the early 70's we specialized in mountain footwear, currently selling in more than 30 countries around the world.
We are indeed very proud of having reached our actual position, but we have never lost the feeling of being like a family; a team strongly united by the satisfaction and eagerness which came out of the privilege of working together with something we all love: to improve and make a mountain boot which is getting more perfect and more comfortable for each passing year, a boot which you might like using as much as we do.
To this small family of ours, we also have the big luck of adding the big family made up of all the people whom we have the privilege of working with: our suppliers, our advising experts, the mountaineering expeditions which take off with our boots on, our selling agents, our dealers and people like you: all lovers of nature and of high quality technical equipment. Eager, interested and curious people, always excited to keep on finding new and higher peaks to conquer.


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